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Boy with a Secret is a heartwarming story about the trials of life, love, and friendship. After a tragic accident, Haruhi begins his first day at Fujimoto High School; he has high hopes for a new start and new friends. However, he quickly finds out every school has its bullies, and Fujimoto is no exception. But with new enemies come new friends, and he quickly meets the lovely and compassionate Minako. Along with new friends, an old friend from the past appears and threatens to uncover Haruhi's mysterious identity and unravel every secret so carefully hidden. Haruhi must decide either to accept his old past and possibly harm his relationship with Minako, or to reject who he was and never look back. Minako must also decide if she wants to risk her own popularity for the sake of Haruhi and continue on this strange new road. Either decision will not be accepted so easily. Join Haruhi, Minako, Rei, and a cast of other delightful and infamous characters on their bittersweet journey into a world of acceptance, hate, and forgiveness. Follow the wonderful trials of the Boy with a Secret.

This story is will be ongoing and will run about 20 chapters or more. In this processes we will get to learn more about our characters and the obstacles they will face along the way.



Updates: Every Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday GMT -6(US Central Time)
Genres: LGBT, Psychological, Romance, Drama, School Life.

This comic rated: TEENS+
Contains: Violence, Profanity and some adult situations
All pages in FULL COLOR

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Chan: For close friends and relatives, especially female ones.
Kun: Used for male friends and relatives.
San: Mr., Ms., Mrs., Miss.; The suffix denoting that the person being spoken to is of equal or nearly equal social status
Sempai: one's senior (colleague, fellow student).; Upperclassman, or more generally somebody in the same social class but superior to you (ex, 'Kunou-sempai')
Sensei: Teacher.
Oniisan: Older brother
Oneesan: Older sister
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