Q1: How did you come up with the idea of this comic?
I got the idea for Boy with a Secret while reading a couple of manhwas (Korean comics), mangas, and watching movies. I have always admired comic books and was inspired by the artists who take the time to create it. Growing up, I always wanted to publish a book of my own and I realized all I needed was the skills and patience. Over the years I've been improving my digital drawing and coloring talents to make it happen and I finally put my skills into action with Boy with a Secret.
Q2: What made you write a comic on (MPD/ DID)?
MPD stands for Multiple Personality Disorder and DID is Dissociative Identity Disorder. The reason why I chose this topic is because its outside my genre. I usually write romance and drama, but I decided to incorporate something else besides those two genres and that's how BWAS was created. My inspiration originally came from a very popular movie called Sybil. This movie changed my whole idea of mankind and I really don't know why. All I know is that I had a broader prospective of people and that's how I became inspired to write Boy with a Secret. There aren't a lot of comic books out there that feature characters with MPD/DID. I also feel that many people do not know about this disorder as well. To help people with MPD/DID and other disorders that may be interlinked, feel free to join or donate to National Alliance on Mental Illness
Q3: Is this BWAS going to be published?
The first volume has already been published. It consists of three chapters. You can purchase a copy at my store. Are there going to be more books published in the future? Sure, why not. As for right now, only Vol. 1 is available.
Q4: How long does it take to finish a page?
It takes me a good minute. When I sketch it out, I scan it and then ink it on the computer. Next, I start to color it, which can take up to three or four hours, and sometimes longer depending on the complexity of the page. I don't do it all in one day. I usually take breaks and come back to it the next day. I would say the total process takes from 6 to 8 hours. The best way to finish a page is to take breaks and then come back to it. I also do hand exercises to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome.
Q5: What tools did you use to create this comic?
For the sketch, I use a couple of mechanical pencils: 0.5, 0.7, and 0.3. I hate using one pencil so I rotate a lot. When illustrating a page, I use Photoshop CS5, an Intous 4 tablet, and a Mac OS X.
Q6: Do you have other comic besides BWAS?
I have a Yaoi comic called A Lover's Rule, (18+) an old project which I started working on September of 2009. Its currently ongoing. Feel free to check it out but please be 18 or older..
Q7: Is BWAS a one shot? and why do you only update once a week?
BWAS was initially a one shot but since the story gained a lot of popularity, I decided to prolong it and give the comic time to build a strong audience. It was not easy doing this because I quickly run out of ideas. At the end, however, its all worth it. I update once a week to give myself time to think of the next page and plan it. I try to stay a chapter or two ahead to in case I need to go back and make changes or add anything.But updates are now 3 times a week :)


Q1: Is Hinori possessed? why does her eye color changes whenever Haruhi dominates her body?
Hinori eyes changing was due to identifying character change not necessarily that Hinori is possessed or something. Haruhi and Hinori are both one person but have different personalities and way of thinking. but Haruhi is more dominant( as comic progresses)
Q2: Why does the characters in this comic have different hair color?
The characters hair color was to make every one stand out as their own person. people tend to start looking alike with the same hair color. again, i also did it for variety, i think it's really cool when characters have different hair color and I'm sure lots of artist do as well.
Q3: Why do you swap identities too quickly without warning? it confuses me!
The reason why i do this is because people with MPD/DID do spontaneously change personality in splits of seconds without warning. the reason why i gave warnings in chapter 4 was to give the reader an idea of what was going on and how she changes. besides all that, every thing will be spontaneous and quick from chapter five and onward. but there might be some parts were the other personality gradually slips in.
Q4: Why is it called "Boy with a secret" when Hinori is clearly not a boy?
It's called Boy With a Secret because of her conflict with her alter ego (Haruhi) hes very dominating and most of the time hes taking over her body(Hinori) so she is basically known as a boy by every one around her, besides the people that really know who she is.
Q5: Is Hinori's brothers death a sufficient reason for her to develop MPD/DID?
Well to my knowledge YES. people handle death differently. some people my find it traumatizing and some people may see it as a way of a new beginning depending on their religion or culture. as for Hinori, it was traumatizing event, a big part of her missing that she could never replace. she an her brother, they shared and enjoyed almost everything together so when he died he took a part of her with him.
Q6: ...But my question is not answered!
If that's the case, feel free to contact me with any questions or complains here CONTACT